Wine Watch - The story


We provide a unique designed wooden watch made of genuine French oak recycled from wine barrels

The Italian watch company AB AETERNO designs wrist watches handmade in Bolzano in the region of Italian "Süd Tirol", where for generations they have had proud traditions of wood crafts. Owner and designer Marco Tommasoni got the idea for the wooden watches, when in 2012 he was traveling in Australia and saw the harmony with nature. He returned to Italy and created the brand AB AETERNO, which develops sustainable and environmentally friendly watches. AB AETERNO is Latin and means something in the direction of "from infinitely long time ago".

LINDENÆS of Denmark is a Danish brand that designs jewelry boxes and watch boxes. The owner of LINDENÆS of Denmark and SoloNordic ApS , Peer Lervad, was in 2017 on a wine trip to New Zealand, and was likewise fascinated by the magnificent nature, but to a great extent also inspired by the New Zealand people's care for and protection of nature. Like many others, Peer is a huge wine enthusiast, and thought that if only he could unite the wine passion with an environmentally friendly upcycle product:

"Many men only have the watch, as a jewelry, and its ability to send signals to the surroundings about who you are," says Peer Lervad. Therefore, the up-cycle product was a wristwatch: The idea for Wine Watch was born.

Wine adventure. In Italy east of Lake Garda and north of the River Adige with the fresh wind of the Lessini mountains, is a wine area, Valpolicella, where you harvest wine and store it on French oak barrels - this is what you do today, and this has been done for centuries. The French oak barrels used for the making of wine are waterproof but not airtight - hence the famous "oaky" Amarone wine, known and loved worldwide, is being developed.

Peer Lervad says: "Thinking of an oak tree that was" born and raised "in France, which has later “done its duty" as Valpolicella wine barrel - that it may end up on my wrist where I look at it many times a day to check the time.”

First meeting between Marco Tommasoni from AB AETERNO and Peer Lervad from SoloNordic ApS took place in Basel in Switzerland on a watch fair - that they both got the idea "down-under" was a fun coincidence, and the chemistry was there right away, so the collaboration started quickly. An international collaboration with Danish idea and design, proud Italian craftsmanship, Swiss precision clockwork and French oak wine barrels containing red wine from Valpolicella – The Wine Watch is now a reality.