Recycling with style and soul; Wine Watch wooden watch, exclusive Italian woodwork in modern and stylish design.

Are you the man or woman who values great quality watches that are unique and at the same time signals sustainability, recycling and hot trends?
Then our new Wine Watch in durmast oak is definitely something for you.

The Wine Watch is a unique 100% handmade "limited edition" wooden watch in a beautiful and stylish design. Made from oak which is recycled from wine barrels used for the production of red wine in the Valpolicella area of ​​northern Italy.

Each watch is 100% made by hand by the watch manufacturer AB AETERNO, located in the Bolzano area in Italy, close to the border with Switzerland. AB AETERNO is known worldwide for their sustainable, eco-friendly and environmentally friendly production of wooden watches.

The oak wood in the Wine Watch has been carefully recycled from French oak barrels, which have been used for making the famous Amerone wines in Valpolicella.

Wood is an organic material that is warm and comfortable to touch and light and nice to carry on the weist. Not two oak trees are the same and therefore every single wine watch is unique and has its own soul and charm.